Our shipping charges are as follows.

In the U.S.

$0.01-$50.00 in purchases is $5.55

$50.01-$100.00 in purchases is $9.00

$100.01 and up is $12.00

Outside the U.S. in these locations,

We are sorry about the high shipping rates but the U.S. Postal service has raised their rates dramatically for overseas shipping. It is now $15.00 for 8oz to Europe.

For our Canadian Customers we will refund any overage charged in shipping.

Denmark, France, Netherlands Antilles, Austria, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Czech Republic, Romania, Switzerland, US Minor Outlying Islands, Slovenia, Turkey, Netherlands, Italy, Bahamas, Greece

$0.01-$50.00 in purchases is $18.00

$50.01-$100.00 in purchases is $22.00

$100.01 and up is $30.00

If your country or location is not listed please email us and we will get quotes for shipping.

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