Hamm River

Model Products


#220 Beehives

Great for back yards or along the tracks.

6 beehives stacks in each package.


#50   Tank #1

This is a very diverse tank. Use it for water, fuel or oil, Put it on a flat car or skid. It is also hollow in the center. There is enough room for a decoder. One per package.

1 9/16" wide, 2 5/8" long and 1 1/8" tall plus spout.


#750 Industrial Louvers

the hard part is done, just glue in the slats and trim. 4 per package. Good for multiple scales.


#250 Junk pile #1

One junk pile loaded with detail.


#260 Junk pile #2

This is a junk pile for a corner application.


#280 Junk Load

This junk load is a drop in fit for the Bachmann On30 Gondola.


#310 Tool boxes

5 closed tool boxes


#300 5 Gallon jugs

Keep your crew in good spirits with these whiskey jugs 6 per package.


#330 Cabinets

2 upright wardrobe cabinets.


#320 File cabinets

3 file cabinets per package.


#350 Safes

These safes are modeled from a Diebold safe from the 1890’s  6 per package    


#340 Red’s tool box

3 plumbing tool boxes per package.

(tools not included)


#75    Tank #2

This is a round tank. Use it for water, fuel or oil, on a flat car or on stilts.         1 per package.


#125 Old Caskets

Old time pine boxes three per pack.


#127 New Caskets

Upper class boxes three per pack.


#225   Locomotive tool boxes

This set has 6 tool boxes. Two of each style plus what we believe to be a water cooler. Masters built by Jim Kehm and based on the OR&W


#230   Wooden beer cases

There are ten old time wood beer case boxes with labels.


TRUCK CONVERSIONSTruck_conversions.html
STRUCTURES & ROLLING STOCKStructures_and_rolling_stock.html
GRANDT LINEGrandt_Line.html
PROTOTYPE PHOTOSPrototype_photos.html

NOTE: All detail items come cast in resin and are unpainted unless otherwise noted

#760  Wall Vents 

12 vents in two styles that can be put in a window or the side of a building.  12 per package


#265 Junk pile #3

This is a junk pile with a flat back . It fits great against a building or a fence.

It measures 5 3/16” long,  1 3/8” deep and 15/16” tall