Crate Decals

There are 79 decals in this set . They will fit many of our crates and barrels. They are available in white or black. Use a black Fragile decal on a military crate and you will have yourself a leg lamp crate.


This is our line of decals. They are all ink printed on thin decal film.

Click here for the story of the “Great Flatulene Disaster”The_Great_Flatulene_disaster.html

Flatulene decals: These fit the Bachmann On30 tank car. They also fit on many HO standard gauge tank cars. Available in four colors.

All sets are $4.00

Red                       Green                        Blue                      White

Ohio River & Western Decals.

Each set contains enough decals to letter three freight cars. 

Correct data is included for, Box #381, Box #605, Flat #2401,

A 30’ 9 “ Flat, A 24’  Flat, A 30’ 2” Gondola and a 22’ 11” Gondola.

They are printed in white. Refer to Ed Cass’s book Hidden Treasures or Ed’s drawing that have appeared in the Narrow Gauge & Short-line Gazette.


Hamm River

Model Products

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Crate Decals White  $4.50

Crate Decals Black  $4.50


Make sure you figures know what they are moving!