bear creek

    The Bear Creek is a modular layout being built by a group of guys in central Ohio. Right now the layout consist of two 2’ x 6’ sections. Plans are in the works for at least one and maybe two more. The frame work is all 3/4” square steel tubing welded together to form a box. The steel supports the layout base, facia, backdrop, valance and lighting all in one self contained box with no supports across the front. The design was created by Terry Hansley and is a much modified version of what many are doing in Australia.

    Right now there are seven currently active participants in the group. Gary Young, John Clark, Bill Brubach, Fritz Prosh, Jim Kehn, Terry Hansley and Michael Yoakam. Progress postings are being posted on the Kingsdale On30 Yahoo group, ( ) the Mini-bunch yahoo group ( ) and here on the Hamm River web site.

    These are a few pictures of the track including the first dual gauge  turnout. all of the ties are in and stained except one spur. It will go in on Saturday. I was told that the two number four turnouts should be here by Saturday also. I built all of the other turnouts but did not want to buy a new jig or scratch build one right now. I took the quick way out and ordered them from LITCo.  More updates later. Maybe Sunday after a full day in the basement Saturday.