Hamm River

Model Products

    This is our latest product and will be a limited run. The mold for this piece will not last long. When the mold breaks down that will be the end of the run.

    It is perfect for the small locos like the Porters, Shays, Climaxs and the Forneys.

    I created this pit for my home layout. The pictures below are of it installed.

Small Loco ash pit.

    The picture to the right is what the kit includes. A one piece casting of the pit, ramp and pilings. Two Pieces of bass wood for the rail supports and two water barrels incase of fire.  We have run out of the real cinders for the bottom. So at this time they are not included.

    The outside dimensions of the pit are 1 1/16” deep, 3 3/16” wide and 4 3/4”long.


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